After a DAILY READ of scripture  in the HOLY BIBLE...
Why not take a quarterly  journey through the pages of these books  as well?

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  1. 2nd
    Qtr '18
    Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out
    Toure' Roberts
    WHOLENESS, the second book from international thought leader and pastor Toure' Roberts, will help you remove invisible boundaries from your life that keep you from realizing your highest potential. WHOLENESS will take you on a journey that won't leave you the same.
  2. 2nd
    Qtr '18
    Rape Is an Invisible Weapon
    Chantal N'Guessan
    I wrote this book to help anyone who has been raped; to tell them that being raped, or violated traumatizes us. When we are raped, we are immersed in trauma, and only Jesus can deliver us from this trauma which is planned by the devil, and He delivered me from my trauma
  3. 2nd
    Qtr '18
    Dancing for the Devil - eBook
    Anny Donewald,
    "Dancing for the Devil" by A. Donewald & C, Gerlach Cecil is an explosive memoir of transformation from a high-end stripper & escort who hit rock-bottom, turned to God, and left the sex trade to found Eve’s Angels, a ministry reaching out to women in the sex industry.
  4. 2nd
    Qtr '18
    The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love
    "The Wait" by D. Franklin, M. Good , & T. Vandehey, is filled with candid his-and-hers accounts of the most important moments of Devon & Meagan's relationship, & how waiting for everything - from dating to sex - led them to a deep connection based on patience, trust, & faith
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